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NetSupport Notify 5.00.0001 release Product release
Maandag 6 Juli 2020, 13:58u
NetSupport Notify version 5.00.0001 is available in the below language variants: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

This version of NetSupport Notify is a chargeable update and requires a new version 5 license key.
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

NetSupport Notify version 5.00.0001 changes:

What is fixed
  • Resolved an issue where notification acknowledgements showed as 0% in the Console even when Agents had acknowledged.
  • Fixed a console crash that could occur when using spellcheck

NetSupport Notify version 5.00.0000 changes:

What is new
  • Added the ability to change the font type, colour, size and appearance for notifications.
  • Notifications can now be sent in double size, full screen or auto size. Auto size will expand depending on the content of the notification message. Emergency response messages can be set to display as Normal, Double size or Full Screen.
  • Added the ability to customise the icons, colours and names of notifications types.
  • Added the ability to configure and send notifications via IP ranges.
  • Enhanced AD policy support by adding options to disable customisation and message scheduling for a console user.
  • Enhanced AD policy support by adding options to disable sending to IP ranges and to make IP ranges read only in a console.
  • Added an OK button to full screen notifications if no timeout is set.
  • Now able to search for recipients using a partial machine name or logged on username in the Console.
  • Emergency Response messages are now stored in history, you are able to see the recipient information (machine name, logged on username, department and received/acknowledged timestamps), as well as export and print this information.
  • Added a Recent Notifications panel which allows a console user to Pin sent notifications.
  • Updated the Console interface to improve the user experience and appearance of the product.
  • Notify version 5.00 is a chargeable upgrade.
  • Notify web console interface has been updated to match the look of the desktop console.
  • Added two new message types to Notify 5.00, Health and Security.
  • Added the option to send a notification with auto sizing applied. This will expand the message box to show longer messages without needing to scroll.
  • Added missing explanation to AD template files.
  • New Notify Chrome Agent is also now available: Store link

What is fixed
  • Resolved an issue where notifications did not show a username of sender and timestamp in history, if the notification was spread over multiple lines.
  • Resolved an issue where a blank message was displayed at Agents if the content was only a few characters in length.
  • Fixed applied to ensure message customisation's are retained on upgrade.
  • Increased notification details font sizing to make it easier to read.
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