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NetSupport DNA version 4.85.0000 beschikbaar voor download Product update
Woensdag 2 September 2020, 15:59u
We recently released NetSupport DNA version 4.85.0000, to access the updated version please first ensure you have performed a recent backup of your DNA Database. Then use the {Check for updates} option available from the Help button at the top right of the DNA Console and follow the instructions to download and install the update.

This is currently available in the following language variants:
English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

This release requires a new license key, the new key will automatically be downloaded and applied during the online update process. If your existing license is registered with My Support, the updated license will also be automatically registered.

Please find below details on the recent changes included in this new version of NetSupport DNA version 4.85.0000

Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

What's new
  • (EN8902) - Added one to one audio chat facility to internal remote-control options, initiated by console user with appropriate permissions.
  • (EN8233) - Now show the status of BitLocker as Yes in USB devices properties to show when BitLocker is enabled for that device.
  • (EN6742) - Add facility to mark phrase matches as "new", "in progress" or "complete" withing phrase review dialog. Also records the owner of the phrase match and keeps a history of changes made to the status. Phrases can be grouped by status, and the status can now be used within the query tool.
  • (EN9013) - In DNA 4.85, Risk analysis has moved to the "Group by" option on the eSafety component. A message will be displayed on first view of the eSafety feature.
  • (EN8873) - Improved connection logic to increase DNA Server and Console performance.
  • (EN8951) - Added Acceptable Use Policy to cover the basic health and social distancing measures to be followed on return to work or school.
  • (EN9009) - Added keyboard shortcuts for reviewing phrases. Ctrl+Right Arrow - next phrase, Ctrl+Left Arrow - previous phrase, Ctrl + End - last phrase, Ctrl + Home - first phrase, Ctrl + Down arrow - mark as false alarm and Ctrl + Up arrow unmark false alarm.
  • (EN8042) - Added a selectable option to USB Device Control to limit Agent USB device request's to those that have BitLocker enabled.
  • (EN8886) - Added mechanism to allow the Administrator to choose how Agents are updated, they can choose between automatic updates (smart update) or a third party method such as GPO/SSCM. Automatic updates are now off by default.
  • (EN8031) - Enhanced Software Distribution status messages to explain in more detail the failure/success of a software distribution.

What's fixed

  • (IN61695) - Fixed an issue where the DNA Client was causing high CPU usage with the Windows Defender Smart Screen service.
  • (IN61115) - Microsoft Remote Assistance (MSRA.exe) requires "Windows 10, 2004" update to function when DNA Agent is installed.
  • (IN58084) - Resolved an issue when using a RDP session which caused high RAM usage at the Agent.
  • (IN61803) - Fixed incorrect Department total number in the PC/User hierarchy for large DNA environments.
  • (IN62581) - Resolved an issue where smart update would fail if the operating system entry in hardware inventory was empty for an Agent.
  • (IN62760) - Fixed the force update option for Software Inventory as it was not always collecting the most up to date inventory of an Agent.
  • (IN61219) - Resolved DNA Server crash due to corrupt eSafety phrase match data.
  • (IN62903) - Resolved a DNA Console crash which could occur when making changes to a Department.
  • (IN62940) - Updated English Keyword List for DNA 4.85.
  • (IN62977) - Resolved a DNA Server Crash that could occur when a DNA Chrome Agent reported a concern with certain file types attached (.jpg, .png and .PDF.
  • (IN63137) - Included the latest CTIRU Filtering List in DNA 4.85.
  • (IN63391) - Resolved DRP save changes issue due to time zone settings on server.
  • (IN62281) - Resolved a gateway security key error when using external remote control option from within DNA and NetSupport Manager.
  • (IN63228) - Updated the DNA block website page to https.
  • (IN61365) - DNA Agents that have exceeded the license limit now automatically reconnect to the DNA Server once the server is back within the license limit.
  • (IN61751) - Fix applied to "Exclude Safeguarding Resources from all keyword and internet monitoring" option, as some resources we not being excluded.
  • (IN61755) - Resolved a DNA Server busy error when communicating with DNA Cloud.
  • (IN62171) - Resolved an issue where the plus and minus icons to resize thumbnails were unresponsive.
  • (IN62213) - Fixed an issue where the Console would display a previously displayed component after switching from the explorer view.
  • (IN62235) - Resolved a DNA Console crash which could occur when an Agent logged out and the Console was on users thumbnail view.
  • (IN62294) - Added an option to USB control to be able to allow/block users from requesting approval for their USB devices.
  • (IN62295) - Fixed an issue where bookmark node names were not displaying correctly for efficiency view groups.
  • (IN62296) - Resolved an issue where excluded applications for phrase matching wasn't being adhered too.
  • (IN62300) - Resolved a DNA Server Service lock up relating to DNA Cloud.
  • (IN62330) - Resolved an issue where if NetSupport DNA had been migrated from a NetSupport SQL instance to a custom SQL instance, any future running of the installer would revert registry keys to the older SQL instance.
  • (IN62344) - Fixed an issue where Alerts were being displayed for multiple Console users when only one Console user was set to receive the alert.
  • (IN62348) - Resolved a DNA Server crash when performing smart update to Agents.
  • (IN62413) - Resolved a DNA Server lock up when uploading .bmp files to the DNA Cloud component.
  • (IN62861) - Resolved an issue where the DNA Server was not be able to find a PC based on AltIdentifier/MacAddress if it already existed in the database.
  • (IN63095) - Fixed a DNA Server service stopping issue when checking the AD Profile of a User.
  • (IN62895) - Corrected the Alert Summary count on the dashboard of the DNA Console to reflect all Alert types.
  • (IN63248) - In DNA 4.85, the Add/Remove programs entry for the DNA Agent is off by default for silent/GPO installations. An Add/Remove programs entry will still be added for manual installations. The Add/Remove programs entry can also be specified by using a DNA.ini alongside the silent/GPO installation.
  • (IN63348) - Fixed an issue where too many SQL requests were being sent to the DNA Cloud causing a SQL transaction limit.
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